Alejandra Marcote

About the Client

Alejandra (or rather “Ale”) works, among other things, as: coach, group facilitator, consultant and trainer. She seeks to accompany organizations in the process of becoming more agile and adaptable to changing environments.

She came to us with the objective of doing a redesign and reorganization of her website, which is today the main access point to her contents (blog articles, podcasts and videos) and information about her services.


Our Contribution

The first challenge in this project was to adapt all the existing contents, reorganize them and rearrange their hierarchical structure for the new website.

Once this was accomplished, together with Ale and with a very fluid communication, we gave life to their new website.

Results Achieved


Ale’s site was redesigned, giving it a modern, elegant and minimalist look that would facilitate access to its contents and the dissemination of the services it offers.


The most effective strategies in digital marketing today were applied, implementing lead magnets and other calls to action to get new subscribers.


All of our client’s digital content was reorganized, defining a new hierarchy of categories and grouping everything more clearly.


A general assessment and optimization was carried out to help improve SEO, enhanced by the restructuring of the contents.

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