About the Client

Awayco is a brand based in the United States, but with an international reach. They specialize in the rental of outdoor products (sport, outdoor, adventure, surfing, etc.), guaranteeing a better alignment to the care of the environment than the alternative of purchasing these supplies.

They have affiliates in many countries, in order to facilitate the logistics of their products.

Our Contribution

From Típica Web we were in charge of designing the company’s blog, aligning its aesthetics and functionalities so that it was in line with the rest of the website.

As Awayco is a brand present in many countries, one of the main objectives of its digital presence is to be homogeneous in all its presentations in all the countries where it is located. For this, we did an exhaustive work aligning ourselves with their brand image and other internal guidelines.

Results Achieved


The sub-site we make had an image and functionalities according to the site where it was located.


The design is modern and minimalist, but unique, as it was designed and developed in detail.


The most recent SEO standards in the market were applied in the creation of this blog.

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