BNB Flores

About the Client

Bnb Flores is a family business from Uruguay that approached us so we could assist them in the online presence of their business, in order to better focus on the day of business and delegate everything related to digital marketing.

Our Contribution

Before our arrival, the company was not achieving the performance they were looking for in their Google Ads campaign, as they could not determine what was making the cost per click (CPC) go up and down, so they needed to improve their site visitor conversions.

Having reached the expected results, we became the main technological ally of Bnb Flores and we still continue improving the results of our client’s Google Ads search network campaign day by day.

Results Achieved


We assisted in solving technical problems with the current site in order to install Analytics and obtain more information for decision making in the business.


CPC of running ads was significantly reduced and new ones were created.


After only two months of the campaign, we managed to triple our client’s return on investment.

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