Díaz y Forti

About the Client

Díaz & Forti is a company of the Olio Group, with a long experience in the exporting field.

They needed a web development that would allow them to show in their website the daily quotes of Futures, dollar and cereals, so that their public does not need to access other sites to obtain such information.

To achieve this, they would also need some web design, in order to show such information on their home page.


Our Contribution

Taking data from official websites and public access, we carried out a development that, twice a day and at times defined by the client, takes this data from different sources and dumps it on the website of Diaz y Forti, in a manner that is completely transparent to visitors.

We integrate this information in accordance with the design already present on the website of our client.

Resultados Obtenidos


Díaz & Forti’s website has valuable information for its visitors, which reinforces its brand presence.


The development was carried out in record time (with the first delivery in two weeks), according to the priorities of our client’s Board of Directors.


The tables obtained can be updated with the desired frequency, although currently it is configured to be done twice a day, at the opening and closing of the market.

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