El Termómetro

About the Client

El Termómetro is a multimedia of Pilar’s district, which has a newspaper, in paper and digital version, magazine and radio.

Our Contribution

From El Termómetro they came to us with a WordPress website that had been developed based on a custom template, which was not aligned with current standards in SEO and represented some unnecessary complexities in the daily use of the portal. In addition, the site was not responsive.

We accompanied our client in a redesign of the portal, using a market-leading template, which improved the usability of the website, its SEO and the correct visualization of the site on cell phones and tablets.


Results Achieved


Today the portal has a modern design and updated look & feel.


The website is optimized for mobile devices.


We standardized the website administration panel, simplifying its use with respect to the previous template.


We improve the SEO of the contents of the portal.

More Case Studies

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