Kupke Und Lambeck

About the Client

Paul Kupke and Thomas Lambeck are partners and have an architecture studio in Berlin. They needed a new and modern website, being able to easily modify their uploaded projects, as well as to upload the new ones they are working on.

It was in this context that Mariano, director and co-founder of Típica Web, met Paul in Berlin. Very quickly he and his partner entrusted us with the mission of modernizing their website, looking for a minimalist site, according to their architectural style.

Within a few months the dream site was a reality.



Our Contribution

After some meetings with Paul and Thomas, we managed to capture how to materialize in a website the new image they wanted to show on the Internet to potential customers.

They already had several mockups (sketches) that reflected both the aesthetics and the behavior of what was to be their new website, but they needed our support to turn it into a new web platform, in 3 or 4 reusable templates, which would allow them to continue loading projects independently from now on.

So, with WordPress technology, we did a web design job applying their sketches with great detail, resulting in the site they have today.

Results Achieved


Their new website, modern and minimalist, was made with WordPress technology. This reinforces its brand image, works and architectural style.


They can modify the existing projects on the website or load new ones very easily.


We have also applied some Javascript development in order to achieve customizations, such as the sliders available in the details of each project.

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