Rock is Here

About the Client

Rock is Here is a project where rock is the main (and maybe the only) protagonist. Through unique guides with exclusive content, themed tours in different parts of England and articles also related to the subject, they ensure “to know every corner of your passion” and do everything possible for their audience to live their passion.

Our Contribution

From Rock is Here they came to us so that we could accompany them to give life to a new website for an important stage of the project that would move them to England.

They had a site resolved internally that did not allow them flexibility in web design, to have a self-managed and efficient online store, or to position the blog posts properly.

Results Achieved


The web design of the site was made based on sketches provided by the Itálica agency. We worked together with them throughout the whole web design stage.


Rock is Here also includes a blog specialized 100% in rock. We guided our client to establish the hierarchy of categories and each of the sections to highlight them on the home page of the portal. All the contents were written and published by them.


The client was also assisted in the migration of content from the previous site they had set up with Wix, a platform that does not facilitate effective SEO of the content.


In addition, an online store was integrated into the site that allows the sale of books, tours and other items, everything related to rock.

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