Vision Pymes

About the Client

Vision Pymes is a consulting firm dedicated to providing advisory services to SMEs in the areas of Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Planning and Organization.

The company initially had a brand design developed by one of its partners. However, when they started to apply it they discovered that the brand lacked functional characteristics for its application, and needed a more aesthetic finish from a professional point of view.

As a result, they contacted us with the need to redesign the brand with the slogan that it should maintain the original concept of the initial brand.



Our Contribution

From the initial overview we worked on: market research and situation analysis, naming process, brand redesign and development of brand applications in print and digital format.

Results Achieved


From the market research and analysis developed, it was concluded that the brand name did not meet the three basic needs of the brand: easy to pronounce, easy to remember and easy to identify.


For this reason, it was decided to modify the original name of “Empowerment & Solutions – Integral Vision” to “Visión Pymes – Empowerment & Solutions”.


Also, when developing the design of the Brand, the original design was polished, the color palette was changed to one more in line with the values of the brand, and the typographic palette was redesigned.


As a final result, today the brand has a catchy name and graphic design, easy to remember and identify, and above all easy to adapt to the different dimensions that are used today, both in physical and digital space.

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