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Free data migration

Don’t think it twice! We migrate your sites for free to our servers!

Unlimited Email Accounts

Do you need a @yourdomain.com account? You can create and manage every email account you need for your domains.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Still not decided? We offer you to try our service for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, we give your money back. Just as simple as that.

Backed up Information

You will get daily backups (storage on Amazon S3) from all your files, databases and email accounts from your control panel so you never lose any data.

24/7/365 Support

Our team will be available for you every day, at every time.

Unlimited Databases

Create and manage any amount of databases you need for each of your sites.


"We have been clients from TIPICA'S web hosting for a couple of months and we are very happy with our decision. From the beginning they helped us with the migration of our website's data and since then we haven't had any problem! They are always available to answer our questions and they are very professionals when answering. To be recommended!"

Mariano Butler
Sitio E-Commerce

"Our experience with TIPICA has been great from the beginning. During data migration they helped us in every moment and they advised us to optimize our blog's size. Their manners has been relaxed but professional, always pending on our needs. We certainly recommend their services!"

Samanta Cortés
En Donde Sea – Travel Blog

"Our websiste has an excellent performance, even with peaks of many visitors, thanks to Tipica's web hosting. Moreover, their support team has helped us a lot to get over each stage of our project"

Late Magazine

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